Discover Healthy Lascomins

The laskominy are still wanting, but the ice creams are leading!

Every child, perhaps, is begging for a little snare for every summer, because ice cream is a year-round. We do not buy classic water fairy tale for 1.50 CZK, but for 3.50 CZK.
Parable days want their refreshment

Our sales team puts everything in their work. All our employees live their work and in return they are fulfilling a feeling of happiness and joy. Our ice-cream, which is renowned throughout the Czech and Slovak republics, can also reward them. Perhaps everyone can delight and bring to other ideas. Who is looking for calm or caress, this goodie takes care of everything needed. He will meet his requirements in the polka and become very good friends, who are going to meet regularly every summer.


Ice cream is needed every day, so if you want to know more about her sale about the distribution, visit our website to find relevant contacts and other personal information.