They are economical for your location

The modern design of all furniture still holds Italy's leading position. Also, the furniture of the forest Scandinavia is still mostly massive, but not necessarily rustic. But it does not matter if you prefer modern material, burgher classics or the style of rural buildings of English-French stamping. The important thing is that it's your style. And choose the living walls and assemblies accordingly.
Your apartment needs your personal tone, it is an expression of your personal taste. Like clothes, the furnishings of the apartment have been greatly freed from the dicate of all sorts of trends. Allowed is what we like. And this also applies to living walls and assemblies.
What you like is allowed
Choose individual pieces of furniture or sets, i.e. living walls and assemblies, exactly to your liking.

A distinctive approach to the customer!

We appreciate our valuable clients and therefore we offer you only quality goods at affordable prices. We can choose from 1 piece of goods. Delivery within 24 hours. Bet on confidence and create a promotion that's in the memory of your surroundings. Make advertising textiles for your employees, which will give you good publicity during your work. You will surely choose with us, we look forward to your orders!
Interesting price!
Better prices than we do not find anywhere else. Discover the charm of promotional clothing that really stands out. We specialize in production, import, but also the distribution of branded garments. With us there is a possibility of sampling from 1 item of goods. Delivery within 24 hours. We provide our customers with comprehensive services. Our top priority is their satisfaction. We hope that we will not disappoint you and find us what you need. We are looking forward to you!

Bet on what we offer you

Choosing suitable appliances for living is not often as simple as it might seem at first glance. You should think about the choice of each one and think about whether this is right for you. Just so you can be sure that you come to your own and you will be very satisfied with the result. And kitchen appliances also include a hood. This appliance is an integral part of any kitchen, it is clear. That's why it's a good idea to concentrate enough and think about it before you take one.
Select the cooker hood carefully
And that's why you can choose your range of cooker hoods carefully and responsibly, because you are sure to get a great result that will surely please you. In our offer you will find a wide range of appliances from which you can choose, and therefore we believe that you come to your own and discover something that suits you too. So whenever you contact us, you can see what we have for you. We will gladly advise you if you are interested in the selection.

A visit to the confectioneries can be as a reward, for a good certificate

Children will surely be welcomed. Every chance to go with the parents for something good is welcome from their side. We always buy them good and home. It's something for us. Nothing sweet in front of us does not stand. Such a cake and a coffee, that's something for us. The children have inherited the mist from us. But they always choose ice cream before the cake.
There is no reason to deny something sweet
If it does not prevent us from health, then why not get a mlsotu. Someone resists because of a diet when he doesn't have such a character as if he wished. But even in this case it will not hurt once in a while to sin, and give yourself some ice cream. I'm sure we won't get it right after her. I'm sure it won't hurt anybody. The pastry shop occasionally attracts everyone.

Unbeatably the most perfect service!

We offer only the best for you! Our service in the form of a managed server is here and looks forward to you! We have no competition in this market. We strive to continue to build our name and provide the best service. We back up your data reliably and most importantly safely! If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service today!
Quality from America!
We provide Hardware from the popular Silicon Valley Californian company. Yes, we're talking about Hewlett-Packard. This company has done great things in the world and we offer it to keep your precious data safe and reliable. You don't have to worry about problems. There's no danger in us. We also pay attention to your needs, so we offer you a tailored configuration.

At lower prices you will not

Are you going to our capital city for work, study or entertainment? Use the services of our hostel Prague. It is not a five-star hotel, but to order in such a hotel room the vast majority of Czech citizens can not afford. With us you will encounter a medium standard. This means that the rooms are always clean, the beds are large and comfortable, and there is also a TV. There is also a possibility to connect to the Internet. And it's using WIFI.
Travel by public transport
The simplest way to reach us is to use public transport. You can reach each of our branches by bus, tram or metro. The problem does not occur even if you arrive in your vehicle. All our hostels are equipped with parking, which are designed for our employees and guests.

You can choose sizes as you need

We would like to offer you our quality solid furniture. Furniture made of solid wood is very strong and has a beautiful design. You can use it in all rooms of your dwelling. Many cabinets are now produced especially for bathrooms. Our furniture is not only proven, but also has a long service life and is modern.
In our offer you can find solid furniture made only from the best woods. For example, you can take different types of sofas with us. Some are suitable for cottage, others will be adornment of living rooms in large houses. You can also choose from corner, fold and modern Italian seats. Just join us and choose.
We usually import furniture from solid wood to our customers right up to home. If your purchase exceeds the amount of 50 000,-Kč, you are free to import.

Sell all things you no longer need

Do you have many unnecessary things that are no longer suitable for you? You can offer them for sale. Write all the advertisements and wait for someone to hear. They are free and available to all of you. You can view the offer from the sellers they offer. Also see demand for goods from different users. There are many of them.
They are divided into clear categories
Advertisements are divided into different categories. Books, computers, clothing, animals, work, services and other things. It's more readable and you'll find what you need to buy very quickly. Usually you see a photo of the product and a brief description. If you are interested in a phone number or contact to an advertiser. Then you can agree to take over the purchased product.


The first human buildings and residential shelter already in ancient prehistoric times was treated not only by the roofing, so important to protect against rain, snow, wind and other manifestations of the weather. A natural part of the shelter was also the space under the roof, after which the fire was being divided, where they slept, cooked, and many other everyday activities.
How it went
First only a place, deprived of plants, stones and dirt, later already a specially formed area of dirt, sometimes sanded. Just a floor. Then came the stone buildings, and also the ground floor was lined with stones, paving, later planks, much later concrete, parquet, linoleum, PVC and finally DECs, and today finally modern floating floors. Durable, quality, handsome, practical.

Special Solutions

Therefore, also sometimes used so-called. Technical pelmets, which in essence in the improved variant copy the old solution with rails. It is advantageous to be in panels, places with lower ceiling height, in hotels and pensions, as a cheaper alternative to the bars, or where the whole curtain is hidden, for example, by a draped short neck curtain along the entire length and walls, we want to achieve a feeling of utter luxury . Even where they can be covered, for example, by some wiring, led by the ceiling, or by the walls in the corners next to the windows.
Again, more solutions
For this purpose, there are not only flat rails, which can be single row, double row or triple row, but also other designs of single row rails, which, in turn, can be horizontally or vertically shaped into an arch, and it is possible to cover the spaces where the rod is unusable. These simple, contable rails are used to hang light materials and where the curtain system and curtains should be concealed to the maximum, so as not to disturb the character of the entire space. The advantage of these rails is that some models can be controlled with a cord, so there is no need to reach the curtains by hand and stretch them manually. It's a well-known solution for example from old movies.

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