Are you organizing a garden summer party and would like to surprise your friends? How about a dessert on a few cups of delicious and refreshing ice cream? But you can't find any special in the markets. And when the premium version of this candy happens, it's very expensive. And the amount you would need to buy would have been auctioned.
Ask your confectioner or merchant
Ask your confectioner whether he sells sweets from our offer. It certainly removes our ice cream in larger quantities and can also order a few packs for you. Believe that prices are not so high. In addition, you can now taste A variety of flavours at the confectioner. So actually you won't buy a hare in a sack. You can choose flavors that taste tasty. Both traditional and unconventional. Your guests will surely appreciate it. And if you have a bottling machine, your celebration will be absolutely luxurious.