Special Solutions

Therefore, also sometimes used so-called. Technical pelmets, which in essence in the improved variant copy the old solution with rails. It is advantageous to be in panels, places with lower ceiling height, in hotels and pensions, as a cheaper alternative to the bars, or where the whole curtain is hidden, for example, by a draped short neck curtain along the entire length and walls, we want to achieve a feeling of utter luxury . Even where they can be covered, for example, by some wiring, led by the ceiling, or by the walls in the corners next to the windows.
Again, more solutions
For this purpose, there are not only flat rails, which can be single row, double row or triple row, but also other designs of single row rails, which, in turn, can be horizontally or vertically shaped into an arch, and it is possible to cover the spaces where the rod is unusable. These simple, contable rails are used to hang light materials and where the curtain system and curtains should be concealed to the maximum, so as not to disturb the character of the entire space. The advantage of these rails is that some models can be controlled with a cord, so there is no need to reach the curtains by hand and stretch them manually. It's a well-known solution for example from old movies.